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We live in unprecedented times and now more than ever you need a partner that can assist you in meeting your customer base’s ever-changing needs and expectations. The COVID-19 Pandemic has radically altered the marketplace landscape across all sectors and industries. Clients are making health, family and community their number one priorities, and those companies that understand that will not only solidify existing customer relationships but will also position themselves as the provider prospective clients look to for guidance with respect to their professional and personal insurance priorities.

Enhance the value of your client portfolios and get paid to do it! By adding Fastforward’s world-class suite of homeowner’s, auto, life, business, RV, earthquake, and renter’s insurance to your site or application process, you can leverage our state-of-the-art API technology and trusted product line to help better serve your customers' desire for less invasive online interactions as more and more are reticent to engage in over-the-phone or face-to-face exchanges. And in partnering with us you’ll be able to expand your own product suite, increase brand appeal, and solidify those precious customer bonds you’ve worked so hard to build. We can help with everything from licensing to launch and your clients will be able to get quotes, and even pay, within minutes.

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